Fregoli szindróma

or clothes do not make the man
size-proportional emotion-show

We dress up. Maybe we are all quick-change artists? At times we really don’t want to be one. But not always are we our own masters. “If the hunger for life rules over me, I have to do what blind instinct says, to run and to rush, because of a single moment asks for a multitude, it makes me confused, it’s always wishes and desires and passions, always the hurry not to miss anything, to collect, to worry, to fear, to be afraid for, to hunger, to thirst after goals and ambitions and power and wealth and prosperity and comfort, devoured by my own instinct.”
We dress up. We put on all conceivable layers, one after another, until we have no more sight.

Fregoli syndrome is a rare disorder in which a person holds a delusional belief that different people are in fact a single person who changes appearance or is in disguise. The condition is named after the Italian quick change artist Leopoldo Fregoli.

Creators: Anna Réti, Claudio Stellato, Amos Ben Tal, Milán Újvári
Dancers: Milán Újvári, Anna Réti
Music: Amos Ben Tal
Dramaturgy: László Hudi, Sándor Szőke
Jelmez: az alkotók és Szűcs Edit
Tér: Rácz Dóra
Fény: Pete Orsolya
Grafika: Rácz Nóra
Technikus: Pelle Zoltán
Fotó: Bozsits József, Molnár Edvárd, Milena Twiehaus
A dalszöveg Ferencz Győző Fraktál-tudat című versének felhasználásával készült.

Premier: 9th. August,2009. Trafo, Budapest

“…Anna Réti was right when she turned the adage in the title inside out. Mountain of clothes is piled on the stage. They dive in. Come out. They arrange it. Climb into it. They fight for a piece, for a coat, for a trouser, for a jacket. They hide in a hood. It is not the clothes they put on, that light up the color of different personalities, but rather their internal movements change the character of the clothes. They call up contradicting colors from inside themselves. Violent. Devoted. Fearful of each other. Seeking peace of mind. Second-hand clothes are excellent props for them. Full of grotesque ideas, the crystal clear movements effect a continuous transformation of personality, until both of them strip each other down to underwear. Then radiantly they find their partners. At last they relax happily…” – Péter Molnár Gál

“… To translate all this into Anna Réti’s performance: the artist reparts about the difficulty of the journey made by two souls that lead to themselves and to each other. Disguise (spiritual disguise) is worn by one, because he falsely imagines someone else in the other, while the other plays, because she does not believe the other, suspecting that the other plays a role. A similar confusion that is impossible to follow may be caused when the soul is looking for second–hand roles in the world’s second-hand store. … It is not certain, that the two dancers, having shed their costumes found themselves, rather than the path, which will likely lead us through more performances to Anna Réti…” Táncé – Glória Halász
Táncé – Halász Glória

Támogatók: Jardin d’Europe, Műhely Alapítvány, NKA, Flórián Műhely, Új Előadóművészeti Egyesület, Artus.
A projekt Európai Unió Kultúra Programjának támogatásával valósult meg.
Külön köszönet: László Bence, Hudi László, Szőke Sándor, Réti Péter, Talló Gergő, Juhász Kristóf, Thomas Cooper, Simányi Zsuzsanna.