A house of cards on a tabletop,
the table on a raft afloat.
Were the house of cards to fall
would the stream even take note?

Parent and child. Two secrets. Two languages. They study each other. Bear each other’s emotional burdens. Intertwine, unravel. And the moment comes when their relationship turns. This pivotal moment of collapse is the theme of The House of Cards. 17 scenes. Some episodes are accompanied by verses, either as excerpts or in their entirety.

Concept, choreography: Anna Réti
Text: Zoltán Halasi
Poem, text: Zoltán Halasi
Music: Balázs Barna
Light, décor: Attila Szirtes
Costumes: Krisztina Csorba, Anna Réti
Assistant: László Hudi, Sándor Szőke
Photo: Edvárd Molnár, Péter Kiss Rudolf

Premier: 4th May, 2007. Trafo, Budapest

Press quotes:
„ …István Gőz stands in the middle of the scuare, what is encrusted with tapes in bulk. He wears a floor length cloak, under which a ghostly events and unusual movements shall start. After a long hesitation, finally, Anna Réti appears from under the mantle. Like a freak, with twisted, limbs she struggles on the ground. Apparently, it was difficult birth, but at the end, the machine rotates, the artist rests…” „ …By that time the charismatic play of the performers has long ago attracted us into the play. Anna Réti’ individual movements are unforgettable in more scenes: the vulnerable movements of a creature that struggles with clasped hands and legs, or the sensitive birds in flight like movements…” Theater(Színház)- Krisztián Faluhelyi

SZÍNHÁZ – Faluhelyi Krisztián

Supporters: National Cultural Foundation, Workshop Foundation, Artus, Budapest Autumn Festival, Florian Workshop, New Performance Foundation