Point of You

SÍN Cultural Center production


Point of You has been selected into 2016 Priority Companies by Aerowaves.

The performance is a personal game of the two creators about truth,co-existence, encounters and the possible conflicts of different point of views, parallel realities. Without being exhaustive, they share in front of the eyes of those present, their own instinctive and free chain of reactions, so we can take a moment to think about: why must we always be right?

Point of You is a playful debate, an in-depth analysis of how you get lost in being right.

This duet is the first artistic collaboration of the Portuguese Ricardo Machado and the Hungarian Anna Réti. Anna and Ricardo met in 2011 during the creation of Karine Ponties ‘Lamali Lokta, than in 2014 Ricardo performed in Ego Trip, the work of Anna and the Israeli Ido Batash.

Choreographers:Ricardo Machado, Anna Réti
Performers: Ricardo Machado, Anna Réti / Dóra Furulyás
Dramaturg: Márton Debreczeni
Lights: Zoltán Nagy
Music: The Atomic Eggs
Space: Pal Körmendy
Photo: Borovi Dániel
Costume: The Atomic Eggs
Production manager: Trifonov Dóra
Production partner: Presence Theatre
Producer: SÍN Culture Centre

Premier: 29th May, 2015. Trafo, Budapest

Press quotes:
“Thanks to the different possible point of views one cannot decide if the the reappearing fight of the dancers is full of kind slaps on the face or wakening punches, kicks in the stomach or random collisions, it is an angry fight or a preact of love. As the slap that the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker had given to Viktor Orbán Hungarian Prime minister also has been interpreted and evaluates in many ways by the media and public opinion. Thus, the two dancers were looking for situations that are ambigious, so are differently interpreted by different people (point of me and point of you) who see it from different angle (point of view), and they collected such movements that trick the audience as an optical illusion – for example like this a shaking cry becomes crying laugh in a second. Point of you is a game with words (point of you/view), with the body of the dancers, with the different point of views, and with the audience as well, and like every game we have to take it seriously.” Klaudia Antal: Or? – www.tanckritika.hu

” There is only one element one never should miss : the ability to change points of views. The openness and readiness , if needed to chace your seat to see things from a different angle in a different way. And of course, the most important of all is that you yourself take all the decisions in your own hands. As Anna Réti and Ricardo Machado also controls the music and the light, stepping to a laptop and a light desk located on one edge of the dance floor . There is no support staff. As only you can make your ownpoint of view and perspectives open its wings, not by others. From you, by yourself. ” Csatádi Gabor: See from here and from there –www.kutszelistilus.hu
Csatádi Gábor – www.kutszelistilus.hu

Supporters: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Ministry of Human Resources, Camoes Institute Portuguese Language Centre in Budapest, Eötvös10 Community and Cultural Space, SÍN Culture Centre. Production partner: Presence Theatre